A Burger Story

People sometimes ask me whether Xavier’s humility, approachability, attention are genuine or staged. My impressions are subjectives, but facts don’t lie, so let me tell you a true story, how it answers that question without a doubt and what lesson we can extract from that.

A pandemic ago, we flew with Xavier from Paris to San Francisco for a couple of days. I must admit that flying private from Europe to the United-States was very pleasant. We had different journeys and were supposed to meet at the airport the day after in the afternoon.

I arrived first and quickly made my way to the plane. There, I received a text from Xavier : “we’re going to In-N-Out, want something ?”

Half an hour later, when he arrived, he handed over to me a warm Double-Double. I noticed it was warm and made a comment about it like : “cool, it’s still warm !”

He didn’t say a word but the person who was with him told me “It is still warm because Xavier waited to finish his burger before lining up to get yours”

I think this short story says a lot about his genuine intentions. Beyond his attention, he delivered it in the most caring and humble way.

I like to remember this story, it reminds me how much humility and kindness are the currency of the greatest.

Our attitude determines our altitude :)

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