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I have a big mouth when it comes to call out offensive or poor behaviours in the venture capital industry. People rightfully complain about that. it’s a valid comment to say that it’s probably too much. My unacceptable excuse is that I compensate for the colluding hypocrisy of some people in our industry.

I don’t care, I do this job for the founders, not the investors. It has never been about the money. The investment enables the relationship, but I would still do this job of supporting entrepreneurs without it.

Let’s take off the pink glasses, I don’t live in a yes world. I like to pick fights for two reasons: The first one is to defend someone who is suffering from a disrespectful and hurtful behaviour. The second one is to get into a constructive conflict during which I intend to potentially change my opinion/perception of things.

If you are in the first category and suddenly decide to engage with me into the latter, I will reject it, as someone shall first make amend for their mistakes with rightful intentions, and attempt to clean-up their mess.

I hate hypocrisy.

As I said to an investor yesterday over email yesterday… “If we are not aligned in the way we conduct business, it’s useless. If at one point in the future, we are aligned, let’s collaborate. For now, let us stop there.

And more recently over Whatsapp to a Partner at one of the top venture capital firms in the US who was fishing for deals the week before in Europe: “Disappointed by your silence regarding this deal. It's not the output that matters the most, but how the situation could have been handled around the circumstances. I must say, quite poorly this time. Let's hope for better future collaborations.

Actions matter of course, but rightful intentions are the foundations. And it always translates in the way we do things from a behavioural standpoint.

Are you familiar with the notion of Growth Mindset ? In short, individuals tend to achieve more if they worry less about appearance and instead put more energy into learning, through hard work, strategy and input from others.

The latter is a matter of open-mindedness and rational compassion, which are respectively our ability to fully welcome the views from others, contemplating the possibility they might be right, and to put ourselves in their shoes, trying to understand their feelings.

Those elementary aspects for a fruitful discussion are only possible if the parties respect each others and have rightful intentions.

Many times, this is not the ground that is set during an argument or a conflict. People are masters when it comes to hide behind excuses of all sorts, run away from their responsibilities, deny their faults, or force their views.

I don’t think I can change how people behave. Sometimes, we speak our mind, call out wrongful behaviours with no impact, without the ability to provide a solution, and it is frustrating to feel powerless.

This post is for the ones who care and believe that they could do better in the way they engage with people in discussions, negotiations, conflicts.

It’s about positive honesty.

As for entrepreneurs, I advise you to read the two tomes of the five dysfunctions of a team from Patrick Lencioni in order to set the ground for a thriving organisation.

In the meantime, enjoy this late discovery…
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