Compound growth is the shit! Learn to grow before you go-go…

Today, an investor told me: “…The partner came at the first board meeting. He was here to shake the team up, to push them forward, to make sure they were at full speed and beyond. He’s doing the same thing with all our portfolio companies. He’s pushing them to grow faster, wherever they stand at this right moment. And when I look at all the B$ companies that we have in our portfolio, retrospectively, it’s sound and clear…”

“…Compound Growth is The Shit Man!”

He’s right… except when you have no retention and your growth fades away. That is the issue when you fail at taking really good care of your customers with an insane product that they love. So let’s get this clear: While compound growth is the shit…

Retention is the Holly Grail of all metrics!

So where do you stand? Well, you can be as long as you want in stealth mode, lean mode, bootstrap mode, or slipper mode, working on your product, trying to find product-market fit, one thing is sure: Once you’ve hit market-fit & decent retention, nothing should stop you from growing, with greatness.

Problem is: When growth hits the founding team, they are often under-prepared and they under-estimate what it requires to sustain growth with greatness and can find themselves lost in a violent tornado. They loose focus on their mission, on their customers, on their product, on their culture and sometimes, they fail… Fab, Prezi or Lot18 are good examples.

Real growth feels like trying to lace your shoes while you’re running

Growth and scalability must be learnt. It requires the right mindset, the right organisation and the right people. Go talk to founders who already dealt with it, go find inspiration and experience. You don’t want to find yourself running a sprint with shoes untied.

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