Design, Tech & Algo, but nothing to show

There are many talented people out there, working on end-consumer products. They are designers, engineers, technicians. They draft brilliant things on paper with a pencil, on screen with a keyboard. And then:

  • They know where they’re heading to and those realisations are the output of a defined plan.

  • They have acknowledged that they don’t know exactly where they are heading to but they draft things in order to test, to move forward, to crack something. They iterate.

  • And there are those who think they know where they are heading to while they don’t. They pass more time congratulating themselves publicly on the greatness of their vision, design and algorithms, than trying to build something that really makes sense.

I shall not give names although I have many in mind. The public don’t care if your IQ is 180 or if your design, tech or algo are game-changers as long as the end-consumer can’t use it.

When working on an innovative consumer product, don’t show up to the public if you have nothing to show.