Do Yourself A Favour :) Over-Deliver

It’s a tricky exercice than to emphasize something that sounds so obvious while being observed not as many often as we’d like to… As I actually would like to. Over-delivering is not exclusively or always a question of results but more importantly a matter of mindset as this is what drives your actions.

We taught you in class how to draw straight lines, to respect the groups’ dynamic and to cope with tons of limits and constraints. And along the way…

  • You found yourself targeting mid-level achievements in order to fit into a more or less homogeneous group with very little deviation. The under and over performers being seen almost as embarrassing exceptions.

  • You also discovered that politics is the standard way to deal with any given situation. You’re not authorised to reject, argue or debate and must comply, obey or compromise in order not to be punished.

  • You didn’t get to dig further a subject or interest that you particularly liked or enjoyed. Not really. You mostly had to cope with unchosen assignments and were not allowed to deviate from the path you’ve been forced to take for years.

Then you discovered the real world: non linear, unfair and unforgiving. And as a result from your conditioned past and the nature of human beings, you’ve probably taken a defensive approach which consists in applying what you’ve been taught: keeping a low profile, limiting your dedication to strict assignments, complaining in the back while smiling upfront, going with the flow and leaving it to destiny. More or less.

Now just take a step back and think about this for a moment…

There is no such things as a steady line of actions, this is just a geometric view that actually doesn’t exist consistently in real life, just like nothing is ever fixed and perfect. This means there are only two ways ahead, up and down (compound intensity and variability). And if you locked yourself into the trap I just described above, it means that you are inexorably going down in some way. Some people manage to do this slowly and comfortably. And if you want that, fine, just close that page.

Otherwise, you’re either already in the mindset of over delivering or you’re ready to look up and move forward.

Be the best of yourself to achieve great results. Keep a genuine approach toward delivering more than your assignments. And don’t expect immediate or direct rewards (yet another false lesson from school) because as much as the real world isn’t fair, you must believe in your karma and just over-deliver no matter what. The future is as much conditioned by what you’re doing now than the present is driven by what you want to achieve in the future. Take every step as an important part of your journey that takes you closer to the next great milestone or chapter of your life.

It always feels good to put your best efforts at work to over deliver. Every big success, just like happiness is the compound effect of many small acts and details.

Just over-do it

PS: Time is a function of efficiency, not a measure. Learn to be efficient.