Food For Entrepreneurs: The Benefits Of Office Hours & Basic Learnings

Yesterday afternoon, I passed a couple of hours with one of our entrepreneurs, initially to work on his set of KPIs. It was right after a post-fundraising kick-off meeting.

We slightly shifted to a bunch of other subjects: Model Equilibrium, Network Effect, Cohort & Distribution Analysis, Scaling and Structuring his Marketplace, Hiring and Managing the People, Acquisition Channels…

There was nothing rocket science, we just shared basic theories and practices, experiments and learnings from other entrepreneurs in similar space & situations.

Although it was nothing more than food for thoughts, for learning, for thinking things through, for seeing clear and for executing… This is what entrepreneurs need from their investors and advisors to fuel their learning and execution curves.

This. And our network.

Entrepreneurs: cancel noise, bullshit or opinionated views from your surroundings. You are on your own and you are solely responsible for the decisions you take. Keep that mix of flexibility and determination, humility and ambition!