For foreign investors willing to back startups in France

Kima Ventures has the largest portfolio of French companies in the world. We’ve had the opportunity to observe over the past few years the incredible rise of the following phenomenons:

  • There are more and more French entrepreneurs, with either remarkable learning curves and/or past valuable experiences, making them more talented and ambitious than ever.

  • This growing environment foster excellence and velocity on top of talent and ambition. It’s creating compounded effects that make us believe that we are just at the beginning of a remarkable ride for French startups.

  • As a consequence, more and more foreign investors are interested in investing in French VC firms (Which have still to step up their game and ambition) but more importantly, in French startups.

Having seen (too much) so many foreign investors trying to engage with investors and entrepreneurs in France, without knowing where to start and how to operate, but also having observed both good and bad patterns from them, I thought it was worth a short piece in order to help all of you navigate through the charming intricacies of our ecosystem.