France, unleash the fury!

Since the dawn of time, two things haven’t changed much: human beings fight against what they don’t understand & fear, and most politicians tend to please their own ego, the most noisy minorities of the public opinion and of course lobbyists, by adding layers and layers of rules, one after the other, year after year.

It naturally creates complexity and slowness which impacts did not matter most until recently. Indeed, our countries in our world of so called developed were pretty much following the same path, applying those same patterns, with few or no distinction.

However, with the current changes of paradigm, often decentralised, slipping away from our central authorities, and the rapidity with which those changes occur, we observe that a large, violent and rapid gap is dividing the world in two parts: those who embrace and follow those new paradigms, and those who don’t.

The way we work is changing, powers are shifting, transactions costs are racing to zero… Apparently unbreakable foundations of our economies are shrinking and nobody would have predicted those trends one or two decades ago.

One can try to figure out if those changes are good or bad. Truth is, they happen. They are violent and they hurt those who don’t embrace them. We must endure a law of accelerating returns. It is now and it happens everywhere, even in France.

France is a country of adoption. Paris is one of the first city for Uber, the first one for Airbnb. France was one of the fastest country to adopt Facebook. We are incredibly lucky to have this pattern of adoption in our DNA.

France is also a country of contradiction. While the majority of consumers embrace change and modernity, we suffer from a minority of partisans and lobbyists who fight against those changes with the cowardly support from most of our politicians.

Politicians and Authorities have failed us, one more time. But the majority of us has spoken, loudly, to denounce this ridiculous modern protectionism. We are a country of talented and determined people, ready to unleash the fury. A ground swell of great entrepreneurs, startups and public figures is coming to reshuffle the cards. Get ready…

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