Free portfolio relationship software for investors who care about their founders

Long story short: Since January 2016, we have developed a portfolio relationship software within Kima Ventures. We tested it with approximately 50 startups and now have a clear roadmap ahead of us.

We don’t wanna wait until it’s a perfect in-house product to push it to the world of investors and founders. We want to do it now, and for free ! We are going to start with the most simple yet fundamental thing there is:

  • On-boarding process through a set of rules and resources that every single early stage investor should use post investment process.

Then we will gradually but quickly release:

  • Resources for both investors and entrepreneurs to benefit from the best perks, insightful pieces and professional services out there.

  • Network in order to connect the most pay it forward and qualified experts in each fields to the best founders who need support.

What about security, confidentiality and my overall paranoia around sharing all those information with you guys ?

Well, for now, you’re just onboarding founders. If you’re afraid about sharing this information, we are sorry you feel that way but you are probably just over-reacting.

Why don’t you open-source it ?

We won’t open-source it yet because we want to create an open community first. Otherwise, you will most likely build a standalone product that only your portfolio will benefit from.

Fair enough, where can we sign up ?

Just click here:

We will release additional and powerful features in order to bring an incredible experience to all founders, investors and talented people who help them out along the way.

In the meantime, please bear with us and send your feedbacks to :)