FREE Spreadsheet Templates & Tutorials For Entrepreneurs

I’m tired of entrepreneurs struggling with their KPIs. We’re going to do something about it ! :) We have put together a small team of 10 people to create a bunch of spreadsheet templates & tutorials for entrepreneurs. They will be shared in creative commons in order for everyone to use them and contribute.

We came up with a first list of notions and templates to develop/adapt and comment. Christmas is coming, let us know what you would like to add to this list :)

  • Lifetime Value

  • Churn

  • Growth Rate

  • Sell-in / Sell-out

  • Customer Acquisition Cost

  • Business Model Equilibrium

  • Cohort

  • Hiring

  • Sales Ramp-up

  • Cash-flow

  • P&L

  • Cap Table

  • Gaming Startup report

  • Media Startup report

  • Retail Startup report

  • E-commerce Startup report

  • Social App Startup report

  • BtoB Startup report

  • SaaS Startup report

  • Marketplace Startup report

What do you want to add to the shopping list ? :)

Cheers !