What Founders Should Expect From Us

Onboarding #2

Once a deal is closed, entrepreneurs go back to their business and investors to their dealflow. But from now on, they are partners. Investors expect to be kept up-to-date on the happenings of the business and entrepreneurs will expect support from time to time to gather an opinion, connect with talent & resources and eventually be connected with other investors for the next funding round.

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Quick, straight-to-the-point, benevolent answers: We aim to reply to requests as soon as possible. Depending on your needs, we’ll forward you to the right resource/person/piece of advice. We’ll never tell you how to run your business, neither will we run long/pointless conversations. However, in sharing our opinion, we’ll make sure that our flow of advice, thinking or decision is clear, simple, constructive enough for you to think and act accordingly.

  • Connections: As you know, we are currently developing a decentralized network of co-investors, entrepreneurs and experts. Those relationships are based on trust, so introductions are not simply handed out, they must be earned.

  • Experience: As we see a lot of patterns, behaviors and best practices emerge, expect us to share them with you all, or individually, depending on the matter.

  • Resources & Perks: We also want to share as many resources and perks as possible, that can help you accelerate or facilitate your execution and understandings of things like KPIs, contracts, hiring… Of course, we also expect you to share anything that could be useful for the rest of the community.

We are all building trust among our networks. We all have a bit of our precious time to give. And in most situations, we’re glad to offer feedback or support. However, we can’t serve all the demands we receive, we’re sometimes not able to lend a helping hand or we’re just not willing to… So the rule is simple: one must always use a double opt-in introduction method and we should all learn how to say no or accept rejection. It is as simple as that.

One single benevolent act can change the entire course of a venture. Pay it Forward is a mandatory mindset that we expect every entrepreneur and investor to live by. So from time to time, we’ll ask founders to share their knowledge, learnings, best practices with other people.

Stay open, Stay Focus.