How & Why

Clarity of vision. This is a singular trait that the most impressive leaders and creators have in common and it’s fascinating to experience this rare phenomenon in the entrepreneurial world, when in a mutating state, a founder is shifting from understanding things to over-standing them. What does it mean? Well:

  • You address a market that you understand, you crack one that you over-stand.

  • Understanders build something great, over-standers create something unique and incredible.

  • Exceptional founders grow an outstanding culture, not only a team.

Those singular, talented, very unique individuals come up, quiet on time, with a new kind of mobile phone, rocket, car, service, platform… Something that seems obvious as you see it or use it but that no one had seen, planned or built before.

That is the kind of phenomenon that I love to witness and that makes me confident when we invest in companies.

The vast majority of us won’t have the chance to experience this high degree of clarity, especially on things that can reach millions of people. But one doesn’t need to be a genius to do great things because there are thousands of amazing ventures to build out of a simple state of market/product/people understanding.

At Kima Ventures, we receive a lot of emails and see a lot of presentations. It makes me very uncomfortable when I don’t understand them or find an entrepreneur lost in some sort of delirium. My tolerance is rapidly going down when they fail to address simple questions like WHY and HOW, especially when it comes to the basics of their business/market. I don’t say answers to those questions are easy to find but as they are the origins of all the decisions and actions that you will take and that will forge the future of your business, we expect clear & brilliant answers to those questions. Ask yourself:

  • Why a problem hasn’t been solved before the proper way

  • Why is your solution needed on a market

  • Why people currently have a bad experience on a market

  • Why is it time to market

  • Why do you address the market this way

  • How do you solve the problem

  • How are you different from other solutions

  • How is your solution unique, unbreakable…

  • Why you

  • Why now

Find answers that are clear, short and brilliant. That’s all we need ;)