Internship @ Kima Ventures

We are going to recruit an intern for the next 6 months. This person will rise to the challenge of turning Kima Forward into an incredible platform to support our founders in their quest to change the world :)

We invest in software and scalable operations
Let’s apply those criteria to ourselves :)

It is both a demanding mission and a chance for you to connect with a lot of incredible people within our ecosystem of partners and entrepreneurs. You will:

  • Extract and curate, on a daily basis, the best resources and tools for our entrepreneurs to access them by expertise, sector and geography whenever they need to.

  • Find the best people who can provide our portfolio companies with top-notch services in hiring, marketing, branding, international… Worldwide.

  • Build a network of talented entrepreneurs (mainly within our portfolio companies of course) who are willing to connect and help each others.

  • Forge the newsletter that all our founders will be delighted to open.

  • Level up the way we support our companies in hiring talents.

  • Think (and deploy) of new ways to build the best possible infrastructure & relationship with our entrepreneurs.

What it takes: English native preferably. Proactive, Efficient, Achiever, Empathic, Organized. You like to turn complex problems into simple solutions.

Based in Paris. Contact me at Don’t send a curriculum vitae please. Find a better way :)

  • Who are the top 3 hiring firms in Paris & London to recruit Engineers ? How did you find them ?

  • How would you identify the best talents on a specific subject ? Like SEO / internationalisation / marketplace / product design / mobile consumer apps…

  • What kind of platform / tool / method would you build to help our entrepreneurs recruit the best talents for their company (except engineers)

  • If you had to build a platform / tool to scale the best way to recruit good engineers, what would you do ?

PS: We don’t need someone who can code, Alexis is already super good & fast in our team ;)

Apply & Share :)