Introduction Template For The Startups (Founders) & Their VCs (Investors)

Disclaimer: always use the Double Opt-in pattern to send an intro.

Our founders often ask us to introduce them to fellow investors and we’re happy to do so when it makes sense. However, it can be time consuming and it’s important to maximize the impact of such intros. Therefore we expect founders to have worked on a great pitch deck (even short), to have relevant data to share and to have prepared a list of potential investors with a superb intro (model below) we can easily send to other investors.


#Startup <> #Investor


Hi #Investor_First_Name,

I’d like to introduce you to #Founder, the CEO of #Startup. They are #doing_this (super clear value proposition) to address #this_market (who need this and why). (You might want to add a personal touch here!)

  • Market: Current + Addressable + Future (make it simple & relevant)

  • Business: GMV / Revenue / Contribution Margin (weekly, monthly or quarterly compound growth… Choose the most relevant (hot) one)

  • Secret Sauce: What makes you unique & better

  • Business model: Average basket, CAC, LTV

  • Execution: Put a bunch of hot milestones

  • Other significant facts: Negative attrition rate, Low churn…

They are raising their #Series_X, a #Y_K$M$ round. #Z is already committed with #Great_VC. Ambition + Personal opinion if any.

Let me know and I’ll send an intro. Cheers,

Remember that investors appear to be overwhelmed, lazy and driven by conviction. They need to be convinced by your business/market, the team and yourself as a CEO. Then they need to convince their other partners without having their own conviction or opinion wiped-out by others… Fundraising is a bumpy, unfair road. Be bold, Be relevant.

In order to track your intros and the process, use this Template and Streak with Gmail. It works like charm, a no brainer really :)