Kill Distraction. Read. Learn.

Onboarding #5

We all get distracted at some point, either by notifications, our never-ending inbox or simply because of an inconsistent agenda. Now is the time to take the control of your agenda and habits, to kill distraction and to start reading. Everyone is different, find out what works for you but here are a few best practices I use:

Agenda: Set-up simple rules you can stick to like dividing your day in two: morning to be productive for instance and afternoon for things that require time rather than attention or productivity: get to inbox zero, read content that you have saved on Pocket before, attend meetings. You might find it best to keep one day a week off to be fully productive. Don’t book more than two off-site lunches per week, take 20min calls and 40min meetings rather than letting them drag on.

Off Mode: Turn your notifications off during most of the day in order not to deal with the flow as it comes but when you really want to.

Readings: Everyone should be reading at least 30 minutes per day. The only way to read, learn, get inspired by the best reading materials, is by setting up a regularly scheduled time slot during which you can focus. Also, don’t read as it comes: save your readings for later. Use Pocket for instance to bookmark links from Twitter, Facebook, your browser, or your phone. Turn on IFTTT to send Twitter & Facebook favorites to Pocket so you can read them later. We’ll do our best to help you filter and recommend high value readings to the portfolio.

Be selective: Choose carefully the people you follow on Twitter and Facebook, select only few sources to put on your RSS reader (like feedly). Here is a top 10 you can already subscribe to as an entrepreneur:

The key is to find a consistent routine that works for you! Once you find that consistency, you can start digging further to improve productivity and work/personal life balance.

Just Do It