Kima Ventures: Vision, Focus & Values

Florian Jourda asked me yesterday about our company values at Kima Ventures.

The truth is that we didn’t have any until very recently. I can even say that our vision was lacking a bit of ambition & focus.

Between now and where we can be in few months/years time with Kima Ventures, there is probably a magnitude of 3x to 5x in terms of overall results.

Venture Capital firm often believes that because their business model is so predictable and their organisation so steady, they are not subject to the same requirements than their portfolio companies.

That is not true.

Everyone, regardless the organisation, must be committed and accountable before expected efforts and results. The only way to do this is to share a common, clear and lasting vision, attached to explicit values. That is what allows people to focus on the things that matter to realise their full potential, collectively within the organisation, as much as individually.

At Kima Ventures, our vision is to build the most genuine, actionable and powerful network of french entrepreneurs in tech.

As for our values, I think it’s worth to share them publicly. We want to be held accountable before you, so don’t hesitate to tell us when you find we’re not living by them:

  • Be bold, honest and humble in all interactions.

  • Be fast, reliable and relevant in every action.

  • Be clairvoyant, optimistic and daring in your decisions.

Cheers Fellows !