Love the many, Live for the few

We talk about building empires, about companies that grow like crazy, serving millions of people (sometimes Billions…), those startups that make history. We talk about those incredible singular founders with a vision, a strong customer & product focus, building a superb culture within their team, executing their (uncertain) master plan.

Oh yes we talk a lot about those exceptions, unique stories and role models. We talk about those few, though we don’t forget the many. we also don’t forget that:

  • The consensus has never predicted a success;

  • Many empires were out of the consensus when they were funded;

  • A lot of founders have experienced failure before success;

  • You never know in advance the combination of events, people, timing and places that you will have to cope with;

  • Competition is fierce. You can be great and still fail. You had to be greater than the competitor;

  • The past and present events have never predicted the future;

  • Many great individuals will suck at leading or managing;

  • Et cetera…

Without the many, we can’t extract the few. Without the few that cover the losses, we can’t allow ourselves to bet on the many. This is the Power Law.

I know we talk a lot about the few.
Though believe me we love you.