Neither right nor wrong

There is an impossible balance in entrepreneurship… the dichotomies of truths that must live together. optimism over endless issues, strong expectations over genuine care, excellence over growth, precision over high velocity. It never ends. It’s the tension of those paradoxes that make things move and progress.

It’s just like how reason and emotion struggle to come to an agreement because individually they are inwardly true, while together they’re unable to merge into one and can only co-exist.

Don’t listen to the people who praise the absolute power of growth. It’s only relatively true as it is not self sufficient. profitability, international, tech, product… It applies to everything else.

Always put into perspective the tension of paradoxical elements because they only hold the truth together. Don’t settle with one side of a story, an advice or an opinion. Look for the other side, it will always improve your awareness of a situation.

It can be about the high efficiency of a team versus its size that might be too small, the quality of unit economics versus growth which could be more agressive, the plan that is too ambitious versus its execution. You can only compose in a situation if you understand and master its underlying tensions.

The choices you will make depend on your will to act in a certain way to balance those opposites in one or another direction. It’s not always perfectly right or wrong, it’s you staying true to yourself while understanding, influencing and adapting to your environment in order to move forward in the best conditions, and ultimately succeed.

Stay focus, think long term, and apply extreme ownership to your choices.