No MBA Team

Last May, we launch the applications for the No MBA Program.

It all started in February when I asked Xavier Niel if he would launch a 42 kind of school for business to compete with the major business schools in France. He kindly replied: It’s exciting to train 1000 coders, a bit less to train 1000 business people. However, let’s run an experiment with 5 to 10 people for them to become future founders or top managers.

We received 500 applications and selected 6 candidates.The next 9–12 months, they will code, sell to customers, serve them, love excel again, solve problems, manage people, learn growth techniques, discover product design, support entrepreneurs, invest in startups, launch their own… through dozens of entrepreneurs and hundreds of startups, all over the world.

And then… We’ll see :)

Felix, Camille, Brendan, Thomas, Estelle, Thomas