Quick Reminder: Send Love Letters to Your Customers

Love Letters…

I received all of these messages from friends who started using products/services I’d recommended:

  • Congratulate “Save my smartphone”! Everyone’s very happy at the office. We’re going to spread the word big time.

  • Wow, this is the first time I use TokTokTok… Amazed by the service! Thanks mate

  • Ok, you win! Capitaine Train even made me love buying train tickets... Adios Voyages-SNCF!

From day one, these three startups paid a lot of attention to their customers. When you start a new venture, you’re basically walking on an unknown path. And the greatest thing that can fuel your ambition is your customer’s satisfaction.

You are on a mission. Value always come from users and customers. This is the most valuable asset of you company and you don’t want to let them down.

There are many ways to please your customers, especially when you’re just starting. A quick word to each of your customers is one of them.

So here is a quick reminder: Send Love Letters To Your Customers.

Cheers Fellows ☺