Record items to build routines

I record all my meetings & readings.

Why ? To build routines. It’s an efficient way to create sustainable habits. I especially like the way it’s done in my case, because there is no fixed “when” in the equation. When is always a tricky parameter.

Meetings & readings are recorded automatically and sometimes between friday and monday, I go over the lists and sort the items out.

by the way, here is the public list:


Everytime a meeting ends, it’s automatically recorded on Airtable.

From there, every week, I go through the list of meetings, put a comment and sometimes an action I should do or something I expect from a person. I mark the event “done” only when the “to do” or “waiting for” items are completed. It makes me complete tasks much faster in order to keep a reduced back log of actions to perform.

Here is the If This then That recipe:


With Pocket, I save items to read them later.

Two times a week, I go over the list and when I read a piece worth sharing, I simply add the tag “read” among others. From there it’s automatically saved on Airtable. For books, I simply record them through Bookly as I read them and later add them to Airtable.

Here is the If This then That recipe:

Tips & Tricks

I have a couple of additional tips and tricks that will allow you to make the most out of you meetings & readings habits. They are either useful for efficiency or self accountability.

  • Use Google Calendar as your default app, the new versions both on desktop and mobile are finally up to my expectations. Set the default event duration to 30 minutes :) Also, on the desktop app, you can display several timezones at once.

  • Add the ifttt recipe to save on pocket tweets that you favorite, whenever you see an interesting thread or post, simply like it.

  • Activate the badge count on your Pocket mobile app to display how many pending posts are in your list.

  • Put the Kindle app on your home screen.

Hope you’ll enjoy this simple, efficient setup :)