source{d} just raised a $6M Series A to unleash the power of source code analysis

source{d} just announced its $6M Series A round from Xavier Niel, Otium Ventures and Sunstone. We’re thrilled to join the board of this ambitious venture.

I reached out to Eiso Kant and met with him in Barcelona on April the 22nd, 2016 (Friday). I got hooked for two hours. He had a clear & outstanding vision of what they were currently doing and where they were heading to (1). A demonstration achieved to convince me we had to dig further. I cancelled my flight back to Paris and took a train to Madrid the next day to meet up with Jorge Schnura and the rest of team (Saturday). I flew back to Paris on Sunday morning. Monday and Tuesday, we were conducting a full tech due diligence and on April the 28th (Thursday), we were sending the team a term sheet. Otium Ventures joined the round few weeks later in June, after having reached out to the team following my post: Series A Investment Thesis.

A lot of you will associate source{d} with recruitment. This is the tip of the iceberg that everyone sees right now. But I’d like to emphasise what’s below the surface: a world changing, exciting, challenging opportunity to offer developers an open source platform to collaborate, exchange and overall achieve their full potential.

Without divulging any trade secrets that the team will extensively open to the developers community soon enough, source{d} applies advanced technologies (with an emphasis on deep neural network techniques inspired from natural language processing and computer vision) to analyze dozens of millions of open source contributions from over 7.5 millions developers worldwide. By adding secured layers of abstraction, Sourced is also able to run their analysis on private & proprietary repositories without compromising the integrity, privacy and security of the data.

Throughout this, source{d} has the ability to extract a unique, understandable, actionnable DNA for every single developer, contribution and project.

Limitless and powerful possibilities come out of this: allowing developers to show their full coding profile, enriching developers’ profiles through additional sources of data, matching and clustering together developers / projects / companies so they can better collaborate, , following the path of developers and projects, measuring productivity / integrity / consistency of contributions…etc

The world’s new infrastructure is not bricks, but code. source{d} unleashes the power of source code analysis, providing readability, transparency and liquidity to millions of contributions for developers to reach their full potential together :) I can’t wait for you to see what they have been working on and testing the past months.

In the meantime, stay tuned and apply :) They are hiring, including a VP of Marketing who knows what it takes to build a developers’ community !

(1) I later asked for their pitch deck. If I had seen it before meeting with Eiso, I think I wouldn’t even have taken the meeting… ;)