The 10 rules every good startups advisor should live by


I have advised and helped a bunch of entrepreneurs the past few years in their fundraisings or operations. Not easy to be a good/valuable advisor if you absolutely try to play it smart while you should not. I’ve recently learnt to accept my position and my role and put together those 10 rules that, in my humble opinion, every advisor should live by. He or She:

  1. Has a positive mindset and attitude.

  2. Listens first, always.

  3. Asks questions to understand.

  4. Is really careful in not trying to transpose his experience.

  5. Adapts to the startups’ situation in order to provide the best advice.

  6. Provides a constructive approach.

  7. Tries and uses the product (at least make it try) or shuts his mouth.

  8. Gives honest, simple feedbacks.

  9. Does not overthink things.

  10. Helps the founders and puts his network at work.

Last but not least, a good advisor never ever puts his stake into consideration when advising an entrepreneur.

Cheers fellows ☺