TokTokTok: Personal Delivery at Scale.

You can’t imagine how much I love deals out of the consensus, especially those with the following characteristics:

  • Singular individuals with whom investors fail or struggle to build a relationship with;

  • A long-shot technological product which will prove overtime to have a lot more value than the investors think it has;

  • A large & complicated market with an uncertain business model.

Back in 2011, most investors did not understand Capitaine Train, at all. They failed at understanding the singularity of the team, the value of the product and the market opportunity. Index Ventures, Isai (who ended up not investing) and 2 business angels (Edward and Will) were the only ones at the time who truly believed Capitaine Train was a serious deal. As for the others, it will make a great anti-portfolio tombstone ☺

Well… I wish I will say the same thing about TokTokTok in few years’ time from now.

You see all those great over-funded startups, among them Magic, Operator, Postmates and so on… Poping-up all over Europe and US, disrupting the “food delivery” & the “personal service” Industries.

They do it with a lot of energy, a lot of design, a lot of money and a lot of talents. They’re growing like crazy and some of them will become huge successes.

This being said, here is why I am so excited about TokTokTok:

  1. Serge Alleyne, the CEO, has an incredible knowledge and clarity of vision on the market he’s tackling and the product he’s building. I am very excited about the product roadmap of the next few months.

  2. The team is insanely focused on the customer satisfaction, not because people say so, not because it’s the norm, but because it’s in their fuckin’ DNA.

  3. TokTokTok is not about food delivery or personal service, it’s about personal delivery at scale. It’s a lot more complex because they are building a platform and they have come up with an insanely powerful product able to provide a full delivery layer for anyone who want something bought or delivered at their door, as fast as possible, with extreme time precision and at a just cost.

There has never been a consensus on TokTokTok and you know what: fuck the consensus, with love and a big smile ☺

Outliers come from the back, not the front stage