What Makes A Mobile Consumer App Successful

I meet with a lot of entrepreneurs who work hard to bring mobile consumer applications to app stores. They all share the same ambitions:

  • Product-market fit;

  • Positive virality rate;

  • Retention overtime.

I wish all of them would achieve those goals. And I’d love to be able to detect those startups who will succeed early-on. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict what makes a multi billion dollar company at first sight, especially in the consumer scope, because it requires a compound and sequenced combination of three things that can obviously take some time:

  • First, find a utility: Is there a use case for this application? Does it generate a benefit or a positive effect on the people who are using it?

  • Then, make it a commodity: Can I make people use that utility on a regular basis?

  • Finally, build a community: Can I connect the users together to make them interact within the app around that commodity?

Also, keep in mind that those three stages clearly require building a product with a great UI/UX (The time when ugly applications had their chances out there is long gone) and it should not take more than few seconds to use your product and find the benefit of your application.

If there’s one good thing to do today, it’s to share this post with fellow entrepreneurs working on their mobile consumer app.

Cheers Fellows ☺