Why TheFamily?

At TheFamily, we’re in the business of nurturing the ambition of French entrepreneurs. And we pursue this mission with the same ambition that we promote, the same desire to change the established order of things, the same resilience, and sometimes even insolence, that make an entrepreneur succeed where others have failed.

We’re not here to give out good grades, make people feel good about themselves, or to flirt with the establishment in order to take advantage of it. Our sole and only mission is to build the infrastructure that will propel talented teams towards success. This infrastructure is largely based on knowledge, experience and experiments.

Wake up

For a long time, children and young adults have been victims of the biggest fallacy in human history: a “one size fits all” education system, that is intense, meticulously planned and stripped of all freedom to experiment. The current system gives out lessons, and the biggest French institutions are stuck with expensive programs that still require you to pass the GMAT. It’s not the price tag, the intensity, nor the prestige of a degree that makes it succeed: it is the ability to maximize each individual’s achievement.

We’re all entrepreneurs

In anglo saxon countries, there have never been so many investors and talented entrepreneurs willing to share their knowledge and experience. This transfer of knowledge has a strong impact on people’s engagement level with regards to the changes and developments taking place around us. Being an entrepreneur is not just about creating a company, becoming a CEO or being self-employed. It’s about moving forward, it’s driving change, it’s making an impact through an indefinite series of actions and iterations.

Today, with all the knowledge and resources made available to everyone, there has never been a better time to become an entrepreneur. Ultimately, some will turn into leaders, and others will grow to become drivers within their institutions. One thing is certain, this opportunity to learn entrepreneurship is an incredible chance that is given to each one of us.

Take the power

Regardless of your status, and whether you’re an employee, an executive, a first-time or serial entrepreneur, we humbly believe that the infrastructure we’re building will be incredibly helpful for French entrepreneurs and the ecosystem in general. We hope that each individual will know how to take the most advantage of it to succeed in the finest possible way.

We’d like to offer this opportunity to a maximum amount of people, which is why we launched Koudetat On Demand (In French for the moment… But it’s just the beginning :-).

Get started!