Yet Another Monthly Investor Report Template. That Works. Super Well.

There are a lot of investor report templates out there. Some are great. But too often, entrepreneurs are making them indigestible and non actionable. Let’s get through the right patterns and tweaks so you can get the most out of it ! :)

Remember: This monthly report allows you to stand back from your daily operations and get a better picture of your company, the people, the product, the process...

It’s obviously the best way to inform your investors on a regular basis so they can understand what you’re doing, where you are heading to (and consequently trust you).

Finally, it’s the perfect moment to trigger actions from your advisors and investors.

Basic rule: Keep it simple, short, straight to the point. Put everyone in /bcc. Nobody asked you to write a fuckin’ novel ! ;)

Business-focus: Stay super business-focus. PR, Culture, Fun facts, they all go into the additional stuff section. Cut the bullshit.

Structuring: Don’t start with the good news, start with your KPIs, then your needs. Repeat your needs at the end of the email.

Format: Use the same font size, put headlines in bold.

KPIs: make sure you respect the standards of your industry (SaaS, E-commerce, Marketplace…).

Needs: Make sure you give all the materials for your investors/advisors to really help you out ! Give them a link to automatically share your job offers on FB/LK/TW with the right message, Give them the link to the Linkedin advanced search results so they can look for the right person in their network… Track the clicks and remind them automatically 3 days later if they haven’t clicked !

Thanks: Thank the investors who are helping or have helped you ! It will put a certain pressure on the others ;)

Tweak: Never write more than 2 lines for each paragraph. People usually stop reading after 2 lines and jump to the other paragraph ;)


Hi guys, monthly report for #september15

MRR: $X (+Y%)

Customers: X (+Y%)
Net churn: Y% or -Y% (when upsell > churn)

Visit to signup: X% (+Y%)
Signup to paying: X% (+Y%)
NPS: X (-Y%)

Recruiting head of …: Click to share (FB/LK/TW). Click to refer someone (typeform link).

Issue with … If you have a good “type of person” in your network, we need her/him for “tralala”. Please refer him/her to us: click to find out now on your Linkedin (link to linkedin advanced search result). Make a screenshot with the names or refer them to us :)

Thanks… for… You rock !

Our fault:
Solving by doing this, this and this…

Someone’s fault:

Market shitstorm:

Great new hire

Great new process

Great new win

PR, Culture, Fun Facts


This is it :) You can now start or revamp yours. And always remember: Less is more ! Keep it short and make sure you share all the necessary information, accurately.

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