Dealing With User/Customer Rejection

This post comes from something I’ve observed in some of our portfolio companies: they care a lot about their customers, and consequently have built an incredible product to address their needs and problems, yet they fail too often at selling it. They kind of reject rejection :)

Rejection is something that happens to so many great startups with initial product-market fit. Until you ultimately reach enough brand awareness, you will struggle to make everyone use, try or buy your product. The main reasons are pretty obvious, your target is reluctant, unwilling and doubtful.

You: Hey, I have a great product to…

Them: Thanks but no thanks, don’t wanna try it, it’s not gonna work…

It’s business as usual, but until you address those three barriers, you won’t be able to reach your full potential at spreading your product over your target market. So think this through !

Reluctancy is laziness: People will tell you they don’t need nor want your product. Demonstrate clear and valuable benefits, show them the product in action with a wooow effect. Tell them who is using your product (famous people, strong brands…). Show them something that only your product can do and that is really valuable to them.

Unwillingness is fear: People will tell you they are fine with their current solution. They’re afraid and too lazy to change. Reassure them, show them stellar benefits, show them testimonials, demonstrate that the cost/time of switch/adaptation is close to zero.

Doubt is lack of vision, people will tell you that your solution isn’t and won’t be a game changer. It might not be at the present time, so your job is to pitch your product vision, why you are doing this, what benefits will come from your solution on the mid and long run.

The more mature your product and brand awareness, the easier it becomes to solve the customer’s problem. But you’re not gonna wait are you ?! Deal with rejection early, make people use, try and buy your product. Time is always now.

Cheers :)