Self-esteem beats perfection

This is a short request for startups :)

I find disappointing the cognitive hooks of applications around sport, nutrition, and more generally anything around learning and training. They allow us to define milestones, to progress step by step, to share our journey with others, but are they really grounded to the reality of our life ? Maybe yours, but not mine.

  • Expectations create pressure.

  • Routines are subject to external events.

  • Constraints can be painful at times.

  • Habits require a constant effort of discipline and consistence.

Perfection is the enemy of the good. And even though good isn’t good enough sometimes, our attempts to reach perfection are actually deteriorating our self-esteem and consequently our ability to be happy.

It’s still a reflection in progress, but I would love to see more applications built around the honourable aspects of our self-esteem with a system of records that takes failures into account in a moderate way.

It’s not a fatality to sometimes let go and it’s through failures that we learn. Those two aspects are part of our growth journey.

With Kima Ventures, we are engaging with more and more entrepreneurs taking those aspects into account with purpose and authenticity and would love to see more of them :)