Hi Jean,

I understand your point regarding apps that help us set goals and track progress. However, what if the problem is that we set too high expectations for us making the discipline and habit forming very challenging and negative for self esteem?

And what if it was more a behavior design issue? 😊

If you don’t know him yet, I invite you to discover the work of BJ Fogg, behavior design lab director at Stanford. One of his methods is called « tiny habits ». The aim is to start the smallest as possible so that it is very easy to perform. Which means that the discipline is not an issue at all and also he suggests to celebrate every time a habit is done which is good for self-esteem... 😁👌

Here is his TED conference where he exposed his method :


Open to discuss further this subject which I’m passionate about! 😃 Indeed, with a friend, as a side project, we are currently designing an app for habit forming...

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Fabrice Grinda is the smartest of us all... and when he explains, with tremendous speech skills, how to build an MVP for less than 20k$, we don't want him to bring a golf/partnership/handicap/scoring app as an example ! Come on Fabrice...

The web can bring so much more to sports !

Excellent episode by the way : https://youtu.be/2VXJNBt_grk

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It reminds me this video of Kurzgesagt : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPPPFqsECz0 there is really something about gratitude (and I mean, for real ! I downloaded Fabulous app and I had the same feelings as yours ....) but do you really think it coulb be digital ? I think something "hardware" like in this video could do the job far better, with an accurate digital coaching depending of what you do with the hardware and what kind of personnality you are .... Hope to see you soon Jean :-) since your dedication in the Lamartine bookstore.

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Aujourd'hui, Cryptosport récupère du financement défiscalisé dans les entreprises pour transmettre du pouvoir d'achat sportif aux employés.

Ce n'est ni une appli de matching, scoring, rewarding ou offshowing.

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