When Your Startup is a Rough Diamond That Investors Fail to See.

A Venture Capitalist once told me: I don’t believe that the attention to detail put into that product actually makes a difference compared to the other competitors, even though the product-market fit is clear.

That day, he lost all of my respect.

In most cases, it is certainly true that an insane attention to detail does not make a difference. Small hitches usually don’t hurt the product. After all, many old monopolies succeed at retaining their users and buyers while the overall experience around their service or product is pretty awful.

However, don’t let that mediocrity blind you.

An insane attention to detail does not only reflect the quality of a product, but it can also reflect the mindset of a team. If the product you are looking at has already demonstrated a clear product-market fit, then you really should dig further in order to understand the people, the vision and the execution behind it.

Get excited by singular teams who have found their product-market fit and who are driven by perfection, focus and execution.

If you stick to the impression that a team did not move fast enough, made some mistakes or did not show a crazy traction, you’re not looking, you’re exploring the surface and you’re damn wrong.

The best products and therefore startups are like rough diamonds or icebergs. Investors who don’t dare to dig deeper or dive to look at the full picture, will inexorably fail to see the real opportunity.

Now, look at Sunrise, Capitaine Train or Zenly for instance. The first two already emerged, the last two are rough diamonds.

Fuck the consensus.